Student Life

UNC-Chapel Hill Student Life logo

Student Life is a web platform where UNC-Chapel Hill students can discover organizations and events that match their interests, hobbies, and passions, and where those organizations can collaborate and connect with one another. The site also serves as an aid for finding campus resources, and may eventually serve as a place for students to create a co-curricular portfolio of their time in college. Student Life needed an updated identity that better matched its growing ambitions and aspirations.

The project began with a redesign of the website’s header image, which at that time was a bunch of brightly colored puzzle pieces more befitting of a kindergarten classroom than college. I created an illustrative motif based on the concept of networks and connections, along with the accompanying tagline, “Better Together.” The logo was produced for cases where use of the pattern isn’t practical or possible, or where a compact application is required. I also designed a water bottle and magnets, which were handed out at FallFest, a campus block party held at the beginning of each school year.

UNC-Chapel Hill Student Life promotional magnets

UNC-Chapel Hill Student Life website header

UNC-Chapel Hill Student Life promotional water bottles