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Learn Liberty is an online resource for learning about classical liberal thought and the ideas of a free society, with an audience comprised mostly of students, recent graduates, and young professionals. It is known for videos featuring leading professors, scholars, and experts from a diverse range of fields, including economics, philosophy, history, and law.

Many viewers watch Learn Liberty videos on YouTube only or in isolation through social media shares. Learn Liberty Rising seeks to give those viewers a good reason to interact with the Learn Liberty website by gamifying the experience. By watching, commenting on, and sharing videos, viewers earn badges and score points that they can redeem for liberty-themed swag. Not only does this foster community among viewers, but it also gets them hooked up with Learn Liberty’s other resources, including an online academy, seminars, conferences, internships, and scholarships.

I developed the layout and front-end appearance for the about page, which was then coded by a developer. For each section, I wrote punchy copy and created spot illustrations in a crisp, bold style (I did not design the smaller topic and social rank badges).

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