American Indian Heritage Month



The American Indian Heritage Month calendar brochure advertises a diverse range of events and programs sponsored by the UNC American Indian Center and other campus organizations. It features a patterned background inspired by American Indian craft tradition, including basketry, textiles, beadwork, and pottery. Though the client had formerly used photo-heavy imagery, I employed a pattern-based approach in order to relate to the widest range of people, to be more appealing to students, and to avoid typecasting the range of American Indian heritage, culture, tradition, and experience.

In order to save the client money and expedite the printing turnaround, the format serves a dual purpose: it functions as a single-fold brochure that can be handed out to event attendees, but some prints were left unfolded to be displayed as posters advertising the month’s events. The calendar was printed on speckled stock to give the brochure yet more visual depth.

Other applications include social media icons and banners.